About Us

Recoil Management Academy (RMA) LLC. Capabilities

We offer a range of personnel with vast military special operations experiences from US Army Delta/CAG, US Naval Special Warfare SEALS, US Army Rangers, Marine MARSOC/Force Recon, Military Intelligence/Counterintelligence, Law Enforcement and Other Governmental agencies with real-world applications, many actively engaged in each of their disciplines. 

COMING SOON Recoil Management Academy, A State of the Art Training Facility
Executive Protection
High Threat Training Cells (Protection/Firearms/Long Range Shooting (Sniper/DDM)
Threat and Vulnerability Assessments 
Security Audits
Active Shooter Training/Preparedness Training
Incident Response Training
Work Place Violence Prevention Specialists (High Risk Terminations)
UAV/Drone Surveillance and Protection Operations (mobile and residential applications)

Rifle Bullets